HSAH Orthobots Bowling 2017

    Dr Lew

    Dr Nik

    Dr Wong

    Dr Rafi  ,Dr Zhafir , Dr Sabirin , Dr Huda

    our boss Mr Vijay

    my collegue since 1st day of housemanship ,
    been posted in same departments since the beginning

    Dr Lee JK , Dr Lew , Dr Shivaa , Dr Sabirin , Dr Zhafir , Dr Faiz , Me

    Dr Farhan , Dr Amin , MA Hakiim ,Dr Azri , Mr Vijay , Dr Wong
    Dr Zamir , Me

    Mr Saiful  , Dr Zamir , Dr Farhan

    HSAH Orthobots Bowling
    Park Avenue , Sungai Petani
    April 2017

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