Ulu Muda V2

    we repeated trip to Ulu Muda , this time to the another part of
    the tributary river of Tasik Muda in Gubir , Kedah

    this time with the help of our local boatmen ,
    we need to get special access from the army to pass through
    this part of the river , because of it's close vicinity to
    Malaysia-Thailand border

    sebarau caught with casting technique
    TokWan Sodo 7gm & Abu Garcia Island spoons
    are proven effective at this place

    Sebarau has a lot of Y-shaped pin bones.
    tips on cooking sebarau is , to make slits with narrow gaps on the body ,
    hence cutting though the pin bones

    Baung ( a  species of catfish ) using bottom fishing technique using
    earth worms as bait.

    collecting rainwater from our tent flysheet

    Asam Pedas Baung

    chlorine tablets to disinfect our water for drinking and cooking

    IV Hydrocortisone  , just in case of  emergency

    Camping and fishing trip to Ulu Muda : V2
    we aimed on fishing for Kelah fish this time ,
    but unfortunately the wether turns bad , heavy rain and
    flash flood. the stream turned into a violent rapid , hence
    we had to abandon our mission this time.
    we will return during draught season in the future.

    Gubir , Sik  , Kedah
    25th-26th November 2017

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