Seringgit Dispatch 2014 Mount Kinabalu : the summit

   the reason to continue ascending to the summit as early
   as 2a.m is to reach the summit as early as possible
   to catch the sunrise there.
   took about 2-3 hours climb from Laban Rata to the summit.

    timelapse with my phone

    hiding between the rocks to avoid the cold wind

    Afeq Aqili , my friend from MCKK. now an engineer at
    UMW Labuan.
    when we went to Kundasang last year , we saw the magnificient
    Mount Kinabalu ,and made a pact to climb it someday.
    and now we made it to the top.

    Low's Peak , the highest peak of Mount Kinabalu at
    4092.5 m above sea level ( highest peak in Southeast Asia )

   at times the Low's Peak can be very crowded , occupying
   50-100 climbers at a time

    South Peak and St. John Peak

   Oyayubi Iwu Peak and Dewali Pinnacles

    this is why we called our trip as ' Seringgit Dispatch ' ,
    highest mountain in Malaysia at the back of RM1 , the
    smallest note in Malaysian Ringgit

    overviewing St.John Peak . notice the
    Orang Utan's face on the right side of St. John peak

   my mom's group photo.

    my mom and her team back in the 1980's , when she's
    about my age that time.

    i guess i continued the family's legacy?

    South Peak , or better known as Puncak Seringgit

    Ugly Sister Peak and the Donkey Ears Peak

    Donkey Ear Peak

    Tunku Abdul Rahman Peak

   the Sayat-Sayat Hut

    the most dangerous stage

    finally , a dream came true.
    i always wanted to climb mount Kinabalu since
    i was a child as my mom used to tell her experience
    climbing it when she was still studying in Sabah.
    and the best part is , upon reaching back down
    from the mountain , i also received my final year MBBS
    examinations results.
    getting bronze medal in ESPN Junior X-Games Asia 2004
    in bmx flatland and climbing Mount Kinabalu
    are some of my highest achievements no-academically ,
    and passing MBBS examinations is my highest achievement
    academically so far.


    Seringgit Dispatch 2014
    Mount Kinabalu
    3-5th January 2014

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3 Responses to Seringgit Dispatch 2014 Mount Kinabalu : the summit

  1. nuuurul says:

    Btw, all those pictures sangat sangat sangat cantik. Good job! :) Actually nak tanya, kalau nak climb tapi sorang je, boleh tak? Ke kena join mana mana group? Thanks ^^

  2. it's looks great adventure! I love the pictures... wanna go there

    thanks for the great post
    Rinjani Trekking

  3. amazing post that you have made. mybe you could try to climb Mount Rinjani in Lombok :)

    Rinjani Summit