Seringgit Dispatch 2014 Mount Kinabalu : milky way

    climbers getting ready. a late supper ( included in the package )
    starts at around 1.30am . climb to the summit starts at around

    while everybody is having supper , i managed to go out to the
    balcony and took some milky way photograph.
    the temperature was 2'C outside the cabin.

    I've never seen this much stars clearly seen like this before.

    the Orion constellation.
    I can see this constellation in India as well.
    reminds me that even anywhere we are , we share the same sky.

    take the chance to look at the sky.
    at this altitude , we are above the cloud level ,
    making the stars clearly visible.

    a shot during the hike. it was freezing cold i can't even
    hold my camera properly. fingers became spastic
    even doing simple tasks like pressing camera shutter button with
    index finger becomes painful and difficult.
    i suggest to those who's bringing DSLR to bring
    wireless / cable shutter release along .

   illuminated by headlamps of climbers passing by

    when climbing most people tends to think only about
    reaching to the summit quickly , forgetting that there's something
    more about Mount Kinabalu other than the summit.
    just look upwards.
    the sky , is just beautiful.
    very very beautiful.

   Milky Way at Mount Kinabalu.

  during the hike along the summit trail.

  Seringgit Dispatch 2014
  Mount Kinabalu
  3-5th January 2014

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2 Responses to Seringgit Dispatch 2014 Mount Kinabalu : milky way

  1. OMG niiii superrrrrcooll superrrcantikkkkk

  2. qidran says:

    sebab dok atas awan. langit sangat clear :)