Kashmir 2014 | Day 2 : Gulmarg Part II

    snow clothing available for rental at Tangmarg before
    heading to Gulmarg.
    Rs300 @ RM15 per day for insulating long coat and rubber boots

    the long queue for Gulmarg Gondola ( cable car ).
    we queued for 2 hours before getting our turn.
    make sure to reach Gulmarg at least by 12pm , as the gondola
    will be closed at 2pm

    ticket costs Rs600 for first stage (2,600m / 8530ft to Kongdoori Station)
    and another Rs800 for second stage (Afarwat Peak 4200m / 13780 ft).
    it is the world's second highest operating cable car till date.

    Afarwat Peak , 4200m above sea level .
    the other side of the mountain is already Pakistan.

    my first time playing with snow

    praying on snow

   skiing at Gondola first stage station.
   costs us Rs1200 per person

    should have brought sunglasses. the bright white snow
    reflects sunlight too strongly and causes eyestrain.
    and ironically , it feels hotter at the Afarwat peak than at the bottom
    due to direct sunlight.
    at the bottom , sunlight is filtered by the clouds making the air cooler.

   Gondola ride and skiing at Gulmarg.

   13 April - 22 April 2014
   Day 2 : Gulmarg

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