Kashmir 2014 | Day 7 Ladakh : Khardung-La

    the road from Leh , Ladakh to Nubra Valley , via Khardung-La Pass

    our driver , Mr Fayyaz , is a muslim.
    so its al-quran verses all the way during our trip , and suprisingly
    Raihan's " Dimulakan Dengan Bismillah " too.

    the trees looks like brushes from far

    the road is narrow , allowing only one vehicle to pass at a time.
    so there's this bypass bay every few hundred meters to overtake slower vehicles

    endless layers of road

    security checkpoint . permit is needed to pass through Khardhung-La

    my first ever experience of fresh snowfall

    Siachen troop with its characteristic white outfit

    the ancient Silk Road

    at times when our car got stuck in the snow , our driver will put some dirt
    under the tire to add more grip

    Siachen Glacier

    the " K-Top " , highest point of Khardung-La at 5,359 m (17,582 ft) altitude

    at times the road can be quite congested.
    at its a test of patience when waiting for military convoys to pass through.

    the Siachen Brigade , the most hardcore and respected brigade in Indian Army

    one time our car lost traction , almost ended in the cliff

    finally made it.
    the most hardcore road i've ever been to.
    to pass by a road even higher than Mount Kinabalu is a memorable experience.

   Khardung-La , at 5,602 m (18,379 ft) meters high and
   is the world's highest motorable road.

   13 April - 22 April 2014
   Day 7 : Khardung-La

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