ICU No. 21

    Organophosphorus poisoning patient tied to the bed

    my PG ( post-graduate ) Dr. Supriya

    met this lady in OPD. she was my short case patient with Marjolin's Ulcer
    in my final MBBS examination last year

    she has been operated and doing fine now.

    ICU no.25
    MRI brain

    snakebite is common case in rural Karad

    taking turns sleeping in the ward during on-call.
    in medicine posting , we have pre-call , on-call and post-call days.
    during on-calls we go to OPD in the morning & evening , and
    stays all-night long in ICU in the night.
    on pre-call days we go to ICU in the daytime only.
    on post-call day we're posted in the wards.
    i'm posted in M-1 unit , directly under the HOD.

    Lumbar puncture

    senior PG Dr. Varun

    central venous line . rare opportunity to do this procedure during internship

    worst fracture i've ever seen.

    a pizza treat for all after in completed my posting.

    from left to right : Dr Amardeep , Dr Haziq , Dr Afifi , Dr Mehul ,
    Dr Nitin , Dr Rishu , Dr Varun , Dr Neeraj , Dr Sumit , Dr Chinmay and me Dr Qidran

    medicine posting
    24.3.2014 - 22.5.2014
    Krishna Hospital , Karad , Maharashtra , India

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hello Dr. Qidran - my company is creating a guide to the ICU for patients who haven't been through it before. Part of the site is a series of definitions and photos of treatments/procedures. Would it be possible for us to use your photo of a Lumbar Puncture? The site is - thank you for your time.