Uttarakhand 2014 : Itinerary

    Alpine forest near Tali

    drawing the names of the Himalayan Peaks in my travel journal

    Kuari Pass

    last day of trekking

    milky way at our third camp , just below the Kuari Pass

    on the way up the Pangarchulla Peak

    Uttarakhand , India . at the border of India-Tibet and India-Nepal
    quite near to New Delhi

    we took a flight from Bangalore to New Delhi , then train from New Delhi to Haridwar

    mountain road along Ganges / Ganga River
   from Haridwar to Auli ( our starting point of the trek )

    itinerary : Kuari Pass Trek & Pangarchulla Peak 4550m | Uttarakhand , India
                     Indian Himalaya Trek

    day 0 : - flight from Bangalore to New Delhi
                - sightseeing in New Delhi
                - night train from Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station , Delhi
                  to Haridwar , Uttarakhand ( 7 hours )

         day 1-6 is the actual trekking trip , with day 2-5 is the trekking days ,
         while day 1 and 6 was spent for the long journey
         from Haridwar to Auli and vice versa.
         trekking for 6-7 hours per day for 4 continuous days , rest at camp
         in the evening and night. no night treks.
         its a trekking plus camping trip.

day 1 : - Haridwar Train Station to Auli ( 11 hours Tempo ride )
            - stay one night at Himalayan Eco-Lodge at Auli

day 2 : - trekking day
            - Auli Ski resort to Chantrakath Camp ( camp 1 ) in the alpine forest
              passing through meadows , alpine forests , Tali lake
            - camping at Chantrakath camp in the alpine forest

day 3 : - trekking day
            - Chantrakanth Camp to Kuari Pass
            - camp at Camp 2 site just below the Kuari Pass

day 4 : - trekking day , summit day
            - Camp 2 to Pangarchulla Peak 4550m
            - camp at Khulara meadow ( camp 3 )

day 5 : - trekking day , descending day
            - descend from Khulara Camp to Dhak Village
            - drive from Dhak to Auli ( 15 min )
            - 1 night stay at Himalayan Eco-Lodge , Auli

day 6 : - Auli to Haridwar drive
            - end of trekking trip.


day 7 : - Haridwar , Har Ki Poudi , Gangga River
              ( day 7 is our extra day for sightseeing in Haridwar )
            - night train from Haridwar to Delhi

day 8 : - Delhi
            - Karim's Hotel , Chandni Chowk , Old Delhi
            - flight New Delhi to Bangalore

the costs :

trekking cost : - Rs 8750 / person + rs2950 transport Haridwar-Auli-Haridwar
                           = Rs 11700 / person ( RM 650 )

                        this includes :  - transport Haridwar-Auli-Haridwar
                                                - meals ( dinner day 1 to breakfast day 6 )
                                                - tents , sleeping bags , mountain guides
                                                - accomodation in Himalayan Eco-Lodge in Auli

extra costs for trekking : - trekking pole Rs 50 per day ( Rs50 x 4 days = rs200 )
                                        - mules to carry our bags Rs400 per day
                                          ( Rs400 x 4 days = Rs1600 )
                                          we shared 1 mule for 4 of us

we took a package from GIO ( Great Indian Outdoors | click here )
the cheapest rate we could find , and the service is very good.
we took the ' fixed departure ' package , so the cost is significantly reduced.
the cost is higher if we choose our own dates.
Highly recommended.

logistics costs :

- flight : Bangalore-New Delhi-Bangalore :  Rs15000
  (expensive because we planned our trip a bit late )

-train : Delhi-Haridwar-Delhi : Rs 3250 for 2nd class non-AC 3 tier coach

- hotel in Haridwar : Rs1200 per room per night , 4 people in 1 room
  Golden Haridwar Hotel , AC room , budget hotel ,
  walking distance  to Haridwar train station , and near Har Ki Poudi too.

- sightseeing in New Delhi on day 0 :
   hired taxi ( Toyota Innova )
   Rs2366 per car for 8 hours / 80Km
   ( Rs2400 / 4 = Rs600 per person )
 - prepaid taxi from ITDC counter
   ( Indian Tourism Development Corp )
    at New Delhi Terminal 3 Airport
    - we hired this taxi to to Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway
      Station from Delhi Airport , en-route we went to
      DLF Promenade Mall New Delhi for lunch and movie
      before catching train at night

Delhi Metro from New Delhi Railway Station to Airport : Rs150


quick tips :

- Uttarakhand offers a lot of beautiful Himalayan Treks. Kuari Pass , Chopta - Tugnath ,
  source of Ganga , Valley of flowers , Roopkund
  ( high altitude lake with mysterious human skeleton ) just to name a few.
  there's a range from winter , summer to monsoon treks , from easy to difficult treks.
  my trek Kuari Pass is moderate , with Pangarchulla Peak more toward difficult trek.
- i think Uttarakhand treks is most beutiful in monsoon ( july-September) ,
  with flowers in full bloom. but there is high probability of trekking in the rain and
  view of mountains obstructed by clouds.
  trek in winter , and its all snow , while in summer , less snow , but clear sky
  and flowers are still starting to bloom. so choose either :
   - winter ( Dec-Feb ) :
     a chance to ski as the Auli Ski Resort opens
   - monsoon ( July-Sept ) :
     most beutiful with full bloom flowers after the first monsoon showers
     but trekking under the rain ,
     and mountain view obstructed by clouds.
   - summer ( April - June ) :
     less flowers
     clear sky , dry trek
i choose to trek in early June ( towards the end of Summer , starting of monsoon )
so i still get snow at the peak , dry trek with minimal rain and some flowers blooming

- Uttarakhand is more easily accessible than Kashmir ( Kashmir's security is too strict )
  millions of Hindus / Sikhs pilgrims come every year for Maha Khumb Mela
  to take bath in Ganga river.
  my previous Kahsmir trip : click here

- in summer , Delhi and Haridwar is very hot. 40'C in daytime.
  however is Auli ( mountain areas ) is cooler at around 15-20'C .

- from what I've seen in the journey from Haridwar to Auli , there's a lot of
  constructions going on along the route. there are hydroelectric dam projects ,
  and repairing works for the badly damaged roads and bridges affected by the major
  natural disaster during monsoon last year. the road is a dangerous hilly road with risks
  of landslide and rock fall.
  for this reason , travelling in Uttarakhand
  during peak of Monsoon is NOT A GOOD IDEA.
  ( my personal opinion )
  even in a good day , the long journey from Haridwar to Auli is quite rough.

- get train to travel from Delhi to Haridwar and vice versa.
  trains are comfortable.
  there is bus also to go from Delhi to Haridwar , but it's non-AC , looks not
  very comfortable , and road conditions is not so good.
  otherwise there is flight to Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun too.

- rainfall is common in Uttarakhand treks, so be prepared with poncho / raincoat

- Haridwar is holy city for Hindus . the foods in the city is all vegetarian.
  i got chicken at Pentagon Mall , next to Radisson Blu Hotel ,
  about 15km outside Haridwar City 

- grab a chance to visit Har Ki Poudi , the Ganga River when visiting Haridwar.

- the trek is high altitude trek ( from 3000m above sea level and more ) ,
  so there's a risk of altitude sickness.
  be prepared with cardiovascular exercise , legs workout for trekking , some hand and
  shoulder workout for long hours of carrying backpacks and
  prophylaxis Acetazolamide ( DIAMOX ) before trekking.

- to bring one bottle of water during trekking is enough.
  there is plenty of fresh springs along the trek providing drinking water.

- grab sugar sachets in hotels / restaurants before trekking.
  its a convenient and cheap  alternative for chocalates
  for instant energy when trekking.

- On the way back from Haridwar , we took a train from Haridwar to Delhi.
  we stopped at Old Delhi train station.
  Old Delhi station is near Jama' Masjid , Chandni Chowk and the famous
  Karim's Biriyani ( a must eat when visiting Delhi )
  then we took Metro train from New Delhi Railway Station ( NDLS ) ,
  also near to Old Delhi Station , to Delhi Airport.
  the service is very good , punctual , cheap and convenient as the Yellow Line Metro
  goes directly from NDLS to Terminal 3 Delhi Airport.

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