Uttarakhand 2014 | Day 5 : Descend Day

    our campsite at Khulara 3225m above sea level

    during winter , this site will be packed with tents , because this is
    the ideal place to camp as higher meadows will be covered with
    thick snow.

    a stream at our campsite

    soil is excavated around the tent site as a drainage in case of rain.

    we found a ' hotspot ' near the big rock. its a very small place
    where phone line ( and sometimes internet ) is working

    the two toilet tents. inside was just a hole dug in the soil and a stool.

    the kitchen tent and dining tent

    a group photo before leaving this trek. we started descending
    to Dhak village at 9am

   Dr Qidran , Dr Lut , Dr Shamim , Mr Mohan Singh , Mr Durga Singh , Dr Hami

    passing through alpine forest again

    on the way Mr Mohan found a tree called the Thuneer tree.
    it is a holy tree and found in the Himalayan range only , and believed
    to have medicinal value.

    playing with a sheperd dog again.
    there's a lot of streams and soils along the trek so its easy
    for me to clean up ( samak ) after touching a dog.

    wild berries along the trek. smaller in size but tastes similar
    to commercial regular sized strawberries.

    Mr Mohan collected these along the stream.
    apparently Indians eat Pucuk Paku too.

    Lut didn't join us trekking down because of his knee problem ,
    so he hired a mule instead.

    we finally reached Dhak Village at 1.30pm
    from Dhak we went back to Auli by a Tempo.

    i really like the Himalayan Eco-Lodge so much.
    there's a lot of flowers , apple , apricot and walnut trees around.

    unripe apple.
    tastes like unripe mango.


    another wild berries.
    this is eatable too.

    a puppy that came to play with us when we're strolling
    around the lodge area.

    they called this ' The Sleeping Lady Mountain '
    it looks like a face seen from the sides , similar to
    Mount Santubong in Sarawak ( click here and here )

    Day 5 : descend from Khulara Camp ( Camp 3 ) to Dhak Village
    the end of of trek days.

    Kuari Pass Trek & Pangarchulla Peak 4550m 
    Indian Himalaya Trek
    31st May - 5th June 2014
    Uttarakhand , India

    instagram : #KuariPassTrek2014

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