Uttarakhand 2014 | Day 8 : accident

    our taxi we hired to fetch us from Bangalore airport met
    with an accident.
    at 2.30am , 20 minutes away from the last toll between
    Bangalore and Davangere


     from scratches and lorry bumper on the road , i assume
     our car hit a lorry from behind.
    either our cab driver was driving too fast , or the lorry
    stopped unexpectedly without signal causing our car to hit it from behind.
    but when we realized we had an accident , the lorry was already gone.

    the lorry's bumper on the road


    blood on the streering wheel.
    all of us passengers were sleeping when the accident happened.
    when the accident is happening , i feel everything seems to be
    in slow motion. and recall precisely every events that occured :
    loud sound , vehicle stopped , my face slamming the driver's seat ,
    glass shattering and horns and headlights from other vehicles
    from behind.
    when I realized we had accident , i saw Shamim in front bleeding ,
    and talking something.

    " Ape jadi ni ? Ape jadi ni? "

    our taxi driver blacked out on the steering wheel.
    at the back seats , me , Lut and Hami looked at each other with confusion.
    I was glad to hear Shamim talking ( so I'm sure he's alive ) .
    we all went outside the vehicle immediately , but Shamim's door was jammed.
    the driver woke up when we were trying to get Shamim out from the back door.
    everybody managed to get out of the vehicle , and the driver
    immediately called his boss and informed his boss what happened.
    we pushed the car to the sides of the road , and took out
    our backpacks from the boot.
    " Hami , ape buat ape dowh dlm kereta? " I said.

    " Amek Subway. Shamim lupa keluarkan Subway " , Hami replied.

    the funny part is Hami was too concerned about the Subway sandwich we bought
    from Bangalore Airport , he went back inside the car just to save
    the Subway.

    everybody was shocked to see Shamim bleeding like this.
    he grabbed his towel from his backpack and pressed it over his head
    to stop the bleeding.

    " sakit . sakit " He said.
    I took out my pill pouch and gave Shamim
    2 tablets of 400mg Ibuprofen ( painkiller )

    we inspected ourselves and look if we have unnoticed injuries
    anywhere else on our body.

    Shamim is one of the most talkative friend I've ever had , and he complaints
    almost about everything.
    for one night I am very happy to hear him talk and complaint , so
    I'm sure he's alright .

    "Busuk dowh sini ( tepi jalan ) , bau taik ( lembu ) " ,
     Now I know he can smell , so his nose and olfactory center of the brain
     is intact.

    " Qid! milky way! cantik dowh. amek la gambar! "
    so his vision is intact. good.

   " Tapi mcm mana ko nak amek gambar long exposure? byk lampu
     kereta kacau. "
    He can still think , that means his brain still functions.

   then he took a selfie photo.
   " banyaknye darah! "

   panic after seeing the blood from his head.
   typical Shamim. haha

  all these seems silly , but at least this is how we manage to calm ourselves
  from the trauma.
  everybody is a doctor and we understand each other.

    we waited about 20 minutes for the boss of the taxi company to
    come and fetch us.
    but after picking us , he didn't fetch us immediately to the hospital ,
    but he was more concerned about his vehicle , checking every sides of it ,
    removing registration number (maybe to remove the identity i don't know)  etc.

   Shamim is still bleeding , and the boss only drive us to the hospital
   after the next 15 minutes.

   asshole people. more concerned about his car than our lives.

   we went to SS Hospital in Davangere for further evaluation.
   Lut and Hami was doing fine , I cleaned up my wound on my fingers ,
   Shamim got his wounds sutured and intramuscular Tetanus Toxoid  given.
   the driver suffered worst , he can't open one of his eyes , and there is
   periorbital oedema. i suspect his skull is fractured.
   only the driver was admitted in the hospital.

    I suffered only some abrasions and bruises along the left side of my jaws.

    luckily it was only superficial scalp wound on Shamim's head

    ( A ) our seating configuration in the car.
    Shamim in front , Hami behind Shamim , Lut in the middle
    and me behind the driver.

   ( B ) After the accident.
   the driver hit the steering wheel and blacked out. i think he was not
   wearing seatbelt.
   Me and Lut hit the driver's seat from behind.
   impact from Lut was so hard , the driver's seat bent from Lut's side.
   Shamim saved by the seatbelt , and his eyes saved from the shattered glass
   by the Oakley he's wearing. ( i think he wears sunglasses even at night
   to protect his eyes that were newly operated for LASIK )
   the taxi was a Toyota Etios , without airbag.

  ( C ) worse case scenario.
  luckily I requested from Lut to sit behind the driver.
  I'm the smallest of all , so by nature I was supposed to sit in the middle
  at the back seat. luckily I didn't do so , or else I would have
  been thrown away to the front between the seats and hit the dashboard ,
  or worse thrown out of the vehicle from the front.
  Lut was bigger , so his shoulder and head stuck between the seats ,
  preventing him to be thrown to the front.
  if Shamim didn't put on his seatbelt , and coupled
  with the impact from Hami behind him , then I'm going
  to lose one of my best friend since A level in KTT.

  our Uttarakhand Trip ends here.
  Thank God I survived this horryfying accident.

  Kuari Pass Trek & Pangarchulla Peak 4550m 
  Indian Himalaya Trek
  31st May - 5th June 2014
  Uttarakhand , India

  instagram : #KuariPassTrek2014

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