the thing that i love to do most.

    my very first BMX contest ever : Rider VS Gravity 2003 in
    my hometown Sungai Petani.
    got third place in junior category.
    during those times contests are divided into two categories :
    senior and junior for under 15 years old.
    these days contests are divided into beginner , expert , pro
    invitational and open categories.
    after this contest onwards , my journey for bmx competitions throughout
    the nation starts.

    my first BMX trip ever is for this competition :
    NXC - National Extreme Sports Circuit 2003 in Putrajaya.
    I travelled a lot for NXC - to Kota Bharu , Kuantan , Ipoh and Penang.
    managed to secure top 5 in all contests.

    biggest achievement in bmx so far :
    third place for BMX Flatland Best Trick in
    ESPN Junior X-Games Asia 2004 in Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil.

    back in those times we had bmx contests throughout the nation
    for almost every week in 2003-2004.
    I've competed to more than 30 bmx contests so far
    from 2003-2009. ( events list : click here )
    but i don't compete anymore to focus of my studies in medicine.

    it all started when a group of riders from my place Sungai Petani
    did a bmx show in my school SMK Ibrahim in 2002.
    from that point onwards i became interested in bmx , and ride
    bmx ever since.

    the thing that i love to do most.

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