I've been receiving wedding invitations from my peers for almost every
   months in 2013-2014 and the number is still counting.
   in 2013 and first half of 2014 only I had at least 20 same aged friends
   getting / already married.

   peer pressure is on. but I can't do anything because I'm not finished
   with my MBBS yet. and tougher years are coming ahead :
   2 years of housemanship in Malaysia.

  but on the positive side , getting settled down significantly later
  than most peers from another field of profession also means
  that I have more time to prepare and construct the foundation
  for my future.

  at this time being the main focus are :
  preparation for housemanship , finance and Marriage.

  and squeezing some time to achieve more in life , and doing things that I like to do :
  bmx , travel , trekking , adventures , fishing etc.
  because I have sacrificed a lot of things in youth time when
  enrolled into medicine course , and now I have this narrow window period
  to do those things i have missed. not to forget , Haji and Umrah also.

  I'm taking advantage of the vast varieties of books at
  significantly cheap price here in India.

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