Agashiv Valley | October 2014 II

    bull forg that just ate another frog

    water dripping on top of a cave opening , making it to appear like a curtain

    a cave temple at the base of the mountain.
    this in the south side of the ancient Agashiv cave complex

    Shiva Temple

    the wind is so fast i have to stabilize my tripod with my backpack

    894 meter above sea level

    Dr Varun , Dr Rishu , Dr Ketan , Dr Sumit Agrawal , Dr Neeraj Desai

    a trek at our backyard , walking distance from Krishna University.
   11-13 km circuit trek , 4 hours duration , 900m highest elevation

    mountain biking and trekking with my senior Medicine Resident
    Dr Neeraj Desai and Dr Sumit Agrawal

    Agashivnagar , Karad , Maharashtra
    October 2014

    same place but  in different season : click here

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  1. Thats a beautiful location!!