Eid Bakri | ocotober 2014

    a trip to a village in Koyananagar to distribute the qurban meat to the poor people

    this village is located on top of a hill 600m asl ,  in Koyananagar
    around 60km from Karad.
    we went all the way here just to distribute the qurban meat to the poor people there.

    we reached the village after about 1.5 hours from Karad

    a small mosque in the village in Ghat Mata

    a local boy reciting the Quran when we entered the mosque to perform
    our Zuhur prayer

    Muhammad Hussain , the village head , showing me the condition
    of his foot after a road accident 3 years ago.
    he was hit by a bus while riding his motorcycle  , and was operated
    in Krishna Hospital soon after that.


    the Imam of the masjid.
    He's from Himachal Pradesh , the land of the Himalaya.

    a small waterfall by the roadside

    a cobra at the waterfall

    leech bite

    Koyana Dam

    brother Thosif , the one responsible for Deen works in Patan region

    a mosque in Ramapur , Patan

    dinner at a local Indian house in Karad city


    Sheer Khurma , a desert made of sweet milk and nuts often served at muslim
    houses here

    the last Eid for my batch

    dinner at brother Ashraf's house in Malkapur the next day


    the last Aidil Adha in India
    October 2014

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