Goa River Marathon 2014

    a cup of Chai before leaving.
    we left Karad at 7.30am for Goa.

    i just finished Pune International Marathon the week before.
    Then my lecturers asked me to join them also for the
    Goa River Run on the following Sunday.
    they're providing transport , accomodation , meals and everything/
    I'm still tired due to the Pune run , but i just can't resist their kind offer. haha

    accident in a jungle near Amboli.
    rainfall for previous few days made the road slippery.

    my Neurosurgery consultant Dr. Raje

    Amboli Ghat

    Goan Seafood Thali at Ritz Hotel , Panjim , Goa

    Baina Beach , South Goa

    Bib collection


    Dr. Sanjay Patil , my Ob.Gyn lecturer.
    very strict in class , but fun and kind outside.
    always met him at the gym every evening.
    for his age , his stamina is very impressive.

    Baina Beach is located near to the Goa Airport

    finished the 10km run in 64minutes.
    still exhausted from the Pune run the week before

    my Ob.Gyn lecturer Dr. Sanjaykumar Patil
    and Orthopaedics lecturer Dr. Rajmane

    resting area for the runners.
    i really like the event management for this event.
    there were enough water and electrolytes booth along the track ,
    good safety and medical team , and runners can even get unlimited
    water , energy drink , vada pav and maggi after the run.

    10km run again , for 2 consecutive weeks.

    Skechers Goa River Marathon 2014
    with my lecturers , family and gym assistant
    Baina Beach , Goa , India

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