harley roadies

    Goa-Belgaum road

    we stopped to buy sweet potato at the roadside near Belgaum on our
    way back to Karad from Goa marathon when suddenly a Harley-Davidson rider
    hit a lorry about 100m from us.

    we rushed to the scene to help the rider.
    luckily my lecturers are specialist doctors respectively.
    Dr. Raje is a Neurosurgeon , while Dr. Rajmane is an Orthopaedics Surgeon.

    Dr. Raje ( neurosurgeon ) examined the head and neck injuries ,
    while Dr. Rajmane examined for any trauma to the rider.
    the rider had fractured femur .
    Pulse was radial pulse was feeble , while lower limb pulse was absent ,
    suggestive of shock / hypotension and compression to the vessels by the
    fractured bones.

    Dr. Rajmane ( Orthopaedic Surgeon ) took straight branches from the
    trees nearby to make temporary splint for the fracture.

    after putting the splint to immobilize the facture site , the rider was
    carried to the roadside.
    my lecturers then called their collegues from KLE Hospital Belgaum
    to send ambulance immediately.

    a rare and almost movie-like situation where there's a road accident ,
    but with Neurosugeon , Orthopaedic Surgeon and a photographer at the site.

    Goa-Belgaum Road
    December 2014

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