Nepal Earthquake 2015 | the mission

    7.8 Earthquake 25th April 2015 and
    the major aftershock 7.3 on 12th May 2015

    first batch of GEC Nepal Medical Relief Mission team
    a team of 7 doctors , 1 nurse , 1 reporter from Astro Awani ,
    1 reporter from Harian Metro
    lead by Mr Ravichandran ( Everest solo 2006 )

    the majestic Mount Everest before landing at
   Tribhuvan International Airport , Kathmandu

    we were given Multiple Entry Visa for rescue mission
    on arrival at Tribhuvan Airport

    Base Camp 1 in Chanaute , Sindhupalchok.
    camping style mission , we build shelter and prepare food on our own

    the smile that i will remember forever : click here

    crossing a landslide area

    a totally damaged village in a remote area up in the mountains


    my mission started with a simple text message to a friend
    Nazri " Moji " Arshad ,

    " i'm medical graduate from India , can speak hindi ,
       has experience trekking & camping in the Himalayan region ,
       and can take photos / videos . klu ada apa-apa mission ke
       Nepal bagitau la, aku boleh follow "

    Moji suggested me to Mr Ravi , putting me up in team.

    THE MISSION : 4TH - 11TH MAY 2015

    - Part I : preparations & departure ( click here )
                    - all the preparations at GEC office in Ampang ,
                      arranging the medicines and camping equipments ,
                      departure from KL to Kathmandu with 6 hours transit
                      at Dhaka , Bangladesh

    - Part II : Arrive in Kathmandu ( click here )
                      - seeing the majestic Mt Everest for the first time ,
                        collecting info regarding the earthquake from local 

    - Part III : Sindhulpalchok ( click here )
                      - 6 hours journey from Kathmandu to Sindhupalchok
                        region by 4WD along the mountain road ,
                        and seeing th extend of the damage done by the
                        earthquake along the way

    - Part IV : Mobile Clinic ( click here )
                      - our first mission , to serve the people in need
                        in remote mountain areas

    - Part V : the smile ( click here )
                     - the most emotional part of the mission

    - Part VI : from Chanaute to Kartige ( click here )
                      - move to a second base , where the extend of
                        the damage is bigger

    - Part VII : the longest yard ( click here )
                        - the most challenging part of our mission ,
                           trekking for 8 hours a day to reach remote
                           village high up in the mountains ,
                           crossing risky landslide zones

    - Part VIII : home again ( click here )
                         - yes we called Chanaute as our home.

    - Part IX : rockfall ( click here )
                       - leaving Chanaute , it was raining heavily
                         and our bus was hit by a rockfall while
                         on our way back to Kathmandu

    - Part X : last day ( click here )
                     - last day in Kathmandu , Nepal

    - Mr Ravichandran's blog ( click here )
    - Astro Awani ( click here )
   - Harian Metro ( click here )



   we returned back to Malaysia on 11th May as planned in
   the original schedule , while Mr Ravi and some of the team members
   extended their stay till 13th May to serve the people of Nepal in need.
  we arrived in Kuala Lumpur early in the morning  on 12th May ,
  and were shocked to hear from the news
  that a second earthquake 7.4 Richter hit Nepal again
  in the afternoon.
  luckily all of our team members that were still in Nepal were safe.

Mariah from Astro Awani  reports the second eartquake : click here

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