the interview

    my friend just opened a shop in KL Sentral , selling soya bean curd products

    the owner of Sugar Kids , Raja Ahmad Iskandar Fareez.
    he was my MCKK Class of 2006 batchmate , and also
   my dorm dorm 19 of West Wing Big School cube prefect.

    SPA interview on 19th May 2015.
    I was scheduled for SPA interview on 15th May initially along with
    other KiMS Karad college mates , but I got it postponed to 19th
    along with Mira and Phoebe from JSS Mysore
    because i went to Nepal for Earthquake Medical Relief mission
    ( click here )

    interview went smooth.
    arrived early at SPA Putrajaya building at 7am.
    interview was a group interview , with 5-6 candidates in the
    same room interviewed by an officer from SPA and another
    officer from KKM.
    among the topics asked were Diabetes Mellitus , Dengue ,
    recent cases in Malaysia etc.
    but averything is just ' surface ' and went in a very relaxed manner.
    my interview session lasts for 50 minutes.

    went to Putrajaya Challege Park just after interview and
    meet some old friend , Sunny and Mizi , the owner of Crossmove
    pro shop.
    both were my team mate during ESPN Asian X-GAMES  Asia 2004
    Bukit Jalil.

    done with lapor diri Pelajar JPA , MMC and KKM registration ,
    and SPA interview.
    now waiting for offer letter from SPA and e-Housemanship.

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