Jambatan Pulau Bunting #2

    Jambatan Pulau Bunting , Yan , Kedah
    the last time i went here was in 2010 ( click here )

    abandoned bridge to Pulau Bunting.
    previously only pedestrian and motorcyclist can enter the bridge ,
    but recently cars are allowed to pass through the gate as well.

    gelama pisang


    some of our catch , mainly Gelama and ikan Bulu Ayam , with
    Senangin , ikan Merah , ikan Duri and Kerapu Singa occasionally.
    bait that we used was rotten shrimps , ikan kembung and live shrimps.
   ikan kembung and rotten shrimps with apollo technique
  works really well to catch gelama here.

   Jambatan Pulau Bunting
   Yan , Kedah
   August 2015

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