KOM YSB 2015 : BMX


    Arip SP

    Alan Alfaro ( Philippines )

    Mat Dagu

    the judges : Zulkamal & Rudy

    Aloy Ipoh

    Apis Cakoi

    Toon ( Thailand )

    Boom ( Thailand )

    Apit Alor Setar

    Wan Kecik

    Renz Viaje ( Philippines )

    Redza Pablo

    Afiq Oi


    Hakim Alor Setar

    Botak SP


     Rungrueang Phamee ( Thailand )

    backflip cliffhanger by Phamee

    i finished 3rd place for BMX flatland novice

    my long time sponsor YSB

     me and Alan from Philippines.
     we used to compete together in ESPN Junior X-Games Asia 2004
     in Bukit Jalil ( click here )

    this could be my last BMX contest for a long long time ,
    considering i'm going to start my Housemanship
    next month.
    I'll have to sacrifice my passion for BMX again
    for my career as  a doctor.

    KOM - Karnival Orang Muda YSB
    11-12 September 2015
    Taman Jubli Emas , Suka Menanti
    Alor Setar

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