KOM YSB 2015 : post - competition

    lunch at Mamu's Chicken Rice with Malaysian bmx riders
    and Teja & Tommy from Indonesia

    ride session at Taman Jubli Perak

    softshell crab and Nasi Talam Seafood at Dangau Restaurant

    this tree used to be full on bmx tires

    legendary BMX spot : the PTK.
    birthplace of many legend bmx riders

    lunch at Sri Pumpong restaurant in Alor Setar

    bad haze in October

    Mount Jerai was supposed to be visible

    post - competition
    KOM - Karnival Orang Muda YSB
    11-12 September 2015
    Taman Jubli Emas , Suka Menanti
    Alor Setar

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