Pulau Kendi fishing trip

    Fishing trip at Pulau Kendi , Penang.
    30 minutes by boat from Seagate Jetty .
    we hired a boat , costs us RM400 / day @ RM80 per person for 5 people

    sunrise at Seagate Jetty overlooking Jerjak Island

    one of our team member was Cikgu Lim JW , retired teacher from
    SK Bandar Sungai Petani.
    He now enjoys his retirement life travelling and fishing , and
    just came back from Mongolia for a fishing trip recently.
    a very humble and knowledgable guy.

    Pulau Kendi @ botol coca-cola


    spot no. 18
    fishing spots at this island are labeeled with numbers
    at this spot we caught a lot of ikan merah , grouper and ikan jepun.

    my first ' lesen ' , ikan Jepun
    caught this with apollo technique with isi ikan temenung as bait.
    this fish feeds somewhere in mid water , unlike grouper that feed at the sea floor

    using my SJcam to recce the condition at the sea floor to decide our game play ,
    bottom fishing , mid or surface , live or dead bait , casting or apollo etc

    ikan Bayan

    our Tekong , a siamese guy Adam.
    very knowledgeable and humble , and always ready to change spot
    whenever we feel the current spot has not much fish.
    He even helped to prepare the bait for us most of the time.
    by far this the the best Tekong i've ever met.
    Cikgu Lim with his ikan Talang

    my first ever GT fish .
   quite agressive play even for  a small size like this

    Nami with his todak caught by casting technique

    Ikan Jepun

    ikan GT and ikan Lembu

    ikan Baronang

    my personal catch

    the whole team's catch.
    it's a feeding frenzy over there at Pulau Kendi , the fish bites of baits non-stop
    from morning to evening.
    5kgs of ikan temenung and 80pcs of live shrimps as bait finished
    by 4pm.

    Fishing trip at  Pulau Kendi , Penang
    February 2016

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2 Responses to Pulau Kendi fishing trip

  1. Salam and Hi,

    I seeking for contact number for the tekong, Im seeking for best spot fishing in penang 😀😀

  2. Sam says:

    Hi, can you share tekong (Adam) number for me? Thanks!