#survived : 1/6

    my first four months of housemanship period in Medical department.
    it was , really , really tough.
    a times , only 3 people working in a day , with Post-night , Night and PM shifts
    respectively. Then then post-night HO was called to assist  in clinic , leaving
   on 2 people running a 40 people full ward.
   at night , only one HO per shift to take coming morning bloods for 40 people ,
   not to forget to attend patients in collapse .
   working in hospital at own place is tough too.
   patients are the people that you know closely.
   i have mother of a friend passed away , father of a friend admitted to CCU ,
   doing CPR for a school teacher's husband etc.

   I almost quit housemanship during my first 3-4 weeks in this department ,
   in view of the insane workload and the politics of course.
   the only thing stopping me from sending my resignation letter is my
   10 years bond with the government.

   still searching  my area of interest in this profession.

  but anyway , managed to survive my first posting as a houseman.

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