Rumah Putih Pantai Merdeka

    Fishing trip to Pantai Merdeka , about 20 minutes drive from Sungai Petani

    the ' Rumah Putih ' spot is located at the estuary ( Muara in Malay ) of Sungai Merbok ,
    of which where the river meets the Starait of Malacca

    the fishing spot is not exactly at Pantai Merdeka , but is located on the opposite
    side of the beach. To get here , drive from Tikam Batu , follow the usual route to
    Pantai Merdeka  , then at a T Juction ( landmark : a small Mosque at the T juction ) ,
    instead of turning left to the Pantai Merdeka , turn right and drive towards
    Bayu Samudera Chalet and park there.
    from the Chalet , walk along the coast to the fishing spot.

    Old white abandoned house at the fishing spot , hence the name ' Rumah Putih '

    beautiful view at the spot

    ' Langai ' @traditional fishing net

   clear water

   lucky enough to cath this siakap merah @ mangrove jack on my first throw.
   first pitch and first strike of the day!

   caught using live anak Belanak bait using bottom fishing technique.
   from what i've experienced today , the fish prefers to
   feed on our bait during the transition from
   high tide ( high tide at 12pm ) to low tide , when the sea level is still high.
   not much action subsequently as the day passes
   into the evening ( low tide at 4pm today ).
   We bought the live anak Belanak bait for RM0.50 each , and
   live shrimps for RM0.30 - RM0.40 each near Kota Kuala Muda

    the Majestic Mount Jerai and Sungai Merbok

    Catch of the Day

   Fishing At Rumah Putih
   Pantai Merdeka
   Kota Kuala Muda , Kedah
   December 2016

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