Pulau Jerejak

    5 minutes boat ride from Batu Uban Jetty to Kelong Pak Ngah Pulau Jerejak.
    costs us RM20 per head for a half-day fishing at the Kelong including boat ride


    Kelong no.3 out of 3 Kelongs owned by Pak Ngah.
    all the Kelongs as situated on big rocks on the Island


   live shrip costs RM0.70 / pcs at Batu Uban Jetty . quit expensive to buy baits
   in Penang ( as compared to RM0.35-RM0.50 /pc in Kota Kuala Muda ).
   be brought along Ikan Kembong and squids as bait.
   it's near Chinese New Year now , Ikan Kembong price soared to RM18 per Kilo.

    RM20 per head for hlaf day is quite nice here , with gas stoves and toliet provided

    quite a bad day for us , no big catch . It ' Air Besar ' , 15th Lunar calendar tide
    and fish doesn't feed as much ( as told by the Tekong )
    anyway it's still a nice place to go fishing

   Kelong Pak Ngah Pulau Jerejak ( click here )

   Pulau Jerejak , Penang
   January 2017

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Salam....tu sani ke tu? Yg pakai baju biru...kerap mai mengai kat penang ka?