Republic Day of India #3

    performance from Krishna School kids.
    in India , there are English-medium school as well as native language
    speaking schools , like the Marathi-medium school in Karad.
    Hindi is the national language of India , while Marathi is the native
    language of Maharashtra State.

    the entrance of Krishna Hospital

    performance by the kids portraying the life of Maharashtra people

    depiction of various ethnics in India

    my last Republic Day of India ever.
    I have just ended my internship course in India ( 18th Jan 2014 - 17th Jan 2015 ) ,
    and hence completed my 5.5 years of MBBS here in India , which consists of
    4.5 years of theory and clinical years + 1 year of internship.

    The guards of Krishna University , who remembers everyone's face , and hence
    we don't have to bring our student IDs anywhere.

    Republic Day of India celebration at my university's compund.
    Karad , Maharashtra , India
    26th January 2015

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