Pelesit Kota BMX

Pelesit Kota BMX 2015 from qidran on Vimeo.

Pelesit Kota / " City Hoppers "
in Malay language , " Pelesit " means locust / grasshopper , while "Kota" means City.

a video showcasing local Malaysian BMX riders hopping around with
BMX around cities from west to east Malaysia.
discovering places nobody had never ride BMX before and potential streets spots like the
" Ghetto Pipe " in Kuching , the long ledge at Borneo International Convention Center ,
Tesco Car Park in Sungai Petani , Straits Quay in Penang and many more , with
music from local legend rock band SEARCH giving energy to the video.

music : Search _ Pelesit Kota
produced by : Qidran
special thanks to AGUN BMX for the Kuching part of the video |

locations and photos :

 - Tesco Sungai Petani /click here
 - Straits Quay / click here

- the K5 / click here
- ' The Barcelona ' / click here
- ' Ghetto Pipe ' / click here
- Le'Park Civic Center / click here
- Taman Sahabat / click here


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