Nepal Earthquake | part I : preparations and departure

    Meeting at Global Expedition Club / GEC in Ampang

    Dr Megat M. Faisal briefing us and showing photos from his previous
    experience in Pakistan earthquake 2006

    the plan was to provide relief to remote mountain areas far from
    Kathmandu City , where roads are damaged by the earthquake and
    supplies are totally cut-off.
    for that we are required to go trekking and camping in the mountains
    carrying all the medical supplies with us.

    medicine supply to be brought to Nepal for the mission.
    the medicines mostly consists of antipyretics , painkillers , antibiotics ,
    GIT ,  RS and some CVS drugs as well , and basic equipments like
    stethoscope , thermometer and a mercury sphygmomanometer.

    we packed all the medicines and camping gears in duffle bags.
    our cargo was roughly 250kg in total  , with average 25kg for each bag.
    in total we brought 15 duffle bags , all for check-in in airport.
    that means all our other personal items for the whole trip
    are minimized to 7kg for arch person as hand carry luggage.
    for medicines , we decided to divide the medicines into 1 duffle for
    one clinic , with each duffle containing drugs and equipments.
    we have 5 duffles for 5 clinics , and 2 more duffles for other drugs and equipments.

    for camping equipments be brought a Mountain Hardwear tent , Coleman tents ,
    sleeping bags and mats , trekking poles , mass tin , gas stoves , Goal Zero solar power
    and food predominantly consists of instant noodles and chocolates.
    in view of cold Himalayan weather , each of us carry a down jacket , fleece jacket
    and Hypergear dry bag in case if it rains.

    our team leader , Mr Ravichandran ( Solo Everest 2006 )

    Dr Amutha Krishnan
    GP Klinik Tenaga , PJ

    Mrs Leela , Mr Ravi's wife

    Dr Megat Muhammed Faisal
    Emergency Dept Puteri Specialist Hosp JB / Mimgata Clinic JB

    Mr Yusry ( Harian Metro Reporter )

    Dr Sukumaran
    Emergency Dept PPUM

    Dr Sathya Prabha Nair
    MO O&G Dept Hosp Ampang

    me. just graduated from Krishna University , India.
    scheduled for SPA interview a few days after the Nepal mission.

    Dr Lim Kah Yeuan
    GP Poliklinik & Surgeri Wanita , Ampang Point

    Wan Halinda " Opie "
     nurse Mimgata Clinic

    Departure to Kathmandu at 4.20 a.m on 4th May 2015
    transit at Dhaka
    flight with Bangaldeshi Biman Air

    i came to know that Dr Amutha was also my super senior from
    Ibrahim School Sungai Petani

    Sunrise in Dhaka , Bangladesh


    Dhaka City

    arrived at Shajalal International Airport , Dhaka , Bangladesh
    at around 6.00 am

    transit at Dhaka for about 6 hours.

    the only area in the airport that we managed to find WiFi connection.

    airport lounge on the 2nd floor

    All started when i texted friends and various NGOs including
    the text message highlights that I just graduated from India ,
    has trekking experience in the Himalaya ( click here ) , can speak basic Hindi ,
    can take photos and is ready to goas volunteer for any Nepal Earthquake mission.
   on 31st April at around 4pm , i received a call from Mr Ravi.
  " Do you have your passport ready with you ? "
  " Do you have trekking gears ? "
  " Do you have trekking shoes ? "

  yes to all the questions he asked.
  then his assistant called me asking for passport number and full name ,
  to buy flight ticket to Nepal.

  i immediately booked Penang-KL flight and went to KL immediately
  that night , as the original plan was to depart to Kathmandu on 1stMay
  ( which later due to some issues , flight postponed to 4th May 2015 )

  at first I thought i was going with MERCY
  ( because they contacted me via facebook too )
  but later in KL I came to know that i'm going with GEC instead.
  and it was my friend Nazri " Moji " Arshad ( click here )
  whom also a backpacker that gave my phone number
  to Mr Ravi.


" The April 2015 Nepal earthquake (also known as the Gorkha earthquake)
   killed more than 8,000 people and injured more than 19,000.
  It occurred at on 25th April 2015 , with a magnitude of 7.8 or 8.1
  and a maximum Mercalli Intensity of VIII (Severe).
  Its epicenter was the village of Barpak, Gorkha district,
  and its hypocenter was at a depth of approximately 15 km (9.3 mi).
 It was the worst natural disaster to strike Nepal
 since the 1934 Nepal–Bihar earthquake.  "


  GEC Nepal Medical Relief Mission
  Team 1
   4th to 11th May 2015

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