Nepal Earthquake 2015 | part II : arrive in Kathmandu

    Biman Air from Dhaka bound to Kathmandu , Nepal

    Nepal Visa on-arrival

    we can see Mount Everest and other snow-capped mountains
    from the right-hand side of the flight to Kathmandu

    Mount Everest


    Tribhuvan International Airport , Kathmandu.

   the American Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey tiltrotor aircraft

    Korean Air huge Airbus A380

    we arrived at Kathmandu at around 2pm local time

    Tribhuvan International Airport arrival hall

    getting our entry Visa done.
    instead of regular USD $30 tourist Visa , they gave us free / gratis
    multiple entry Visa because we came here for Medical Relief Mission.

    ' Rescue '

    UN reception center at the Airport.

    information board by UN at the Airport.
    all important information regarding the earthquake are displayed here.

    apart from medical assistance and taking photos , i was also in charge
    for the logistics . I have to make sure all our 15 bags are safe and
    identify all the contents in the bags.

    internet connection for the relief mission

    temporary tents for the earthquake victims in Kathmandu City

    some of the buildings affected by the earthquake on 25th April 2015

    we stayed at Kathmandu City Hotel in Thamel for the night before starting our mission
    the day after.

    we met a group of Malaysian trekkers who experienced the earthquake
    first-hand when they were trekking at the Annapurna Base Camp.
    luckily all of them are safe.

    Thamel Road famous for outdoor sports lovers.
    plenty of shops selling cheap and large varety of outdoor sports equipments.

    at first I thought Thamel was also badly affected by the earthquake.
    but Thamel was busy as usual when we arrived there.

    Dr Lee , Me , Dr Prabha , Opie and Dr Amutha

    Thamel at night

    watching report of our team's mission on Astro Awani

    Day 1 in Kathmandu , Nepal
    GEC Nepal Medical Relief Mission
    Team 1
    4th to 11th May 2015

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