Nepal Earthquake 2015 | part III : Sindhupalchok

    morning in Thamel , Nepal

    our mission was to serve remote places away from Kathmandu City ,
    where help is needed most.
    from information that we gathered from local people , we have chosen Sindhupalchok
    as our area of interest.
    Sindhupalchok is 5 hours drive from Kathmandu .

    we begin our mission early in the morning.
    our team of 11 people was split into two sub teams , with each teams covering
    different earthquake affected areas.
    team A consists of Dr Suku , Dr Lim and Mr Yusry.
    team A already departed to the designated area the day before.

    Team B : Dr Megat , Opie , Dr Amutha , Dr Lee , Mr Ravi , Ms Mariah , Dr Prabha
    and me with the acting ambassador of Malaysia in Nepal .

    Mr Ragu , our Nepali driver that can speak Malay language fluently.

    road damaged by the earthquake

    huge Shiva statue on top of a hill

    damaged houses that we saw during the journey to Sindhupalchok

    Landslide area along the journey

    UN recce team

    Dhal Bhat , a rice meal with vegetable masala for lunch.
    traditional kitchen

    earthquake victims collecting food supply

    temporary shelter for the affected villagers

    the road passes through waterfall like this.
    even buses for the public has to cross waterfall like this to get through the road.

    beautiful cave with waterfall that we found along the way

    of all the photos that i took , this photo remains as one of my favourite.
    because i can't figure out why this man can still smile after all the destructions
    done by the earthquake.
    who knows what happened to his family ?
    house collapsed , children went missing ? wife injured ? parents dead ?
    these villagers already has nothing. no electricity , no phone lines.
    but now after the earthquake , even the ' nothing ' were taken away from them.
    they have beyond nothing now.
    but how come this man can still smile?

    finally we arrived at our destination after 5 hours ride from Kathmandu.
    our Base Camp 1 is located at a school in Chanaute Village in Sindhupalchok.

    the villagers greeted us with smile.
    within minutes , the place is flooded with villagers that came
    all the way from their villages in the mountains , with hopeful faces
    when then came to know that relief team has arrived at their village.

    unlike collapsed buildings around , this Hanuman temple remains erect ,
    and served as our Base Clinic

    setting up our clinic

    the villagers helping us to set up our clinic

    sorting out the medicines

    this girl with fractured foot.
    it was already day 10th after the earthquake when we arrived ,
    and she haven't received any medical attention to her fractured foot yet.

    we managed so set up and start our clinic within 2 hours of arrival.

    clinic went till late in the evening , when we realized we didn't even set up shelter
    for ourselves yet.
    we managed to treat approximately 200 patients within 3-4 hours.
    after finishing clinic , we quickly  put up our tents and cook ourselves
    some instant noodles.

    Goal Zero Sherpa power supply with external solar panel .
    this remains our only source of power because there was no electricity in the village.


    our camp is located in the middle of a field , a good distance away from cliffs and
    hills to minimize danger in case if another earthquake occurs.

    bright sky at night due to full moon phase

    a little rest , before our next clinic early next morning.

    Day 2 in Nepal
    GEC Nepal Medical Relief Mission
    Team 1
    4th to 11th May 2015

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