Nepal Earthquake 2015 | part IV : mobile clinic

    early morning at our Base Camp 1 in Chanaute

    snow-capped mountain of Jugal Himal

    started our clinic immediately after a light breakfast

    Khika and his son Yogesh

    damaged house near our clinic

    Dr Amutha

    Dr Megat , our medical team leader

    a village kid with her grandfather that came to our clinic for treatment

    Dr Prabha and Dr Lee

    Opie , our nurse

    Mariah from Astro Awani

    we ended our clinic in the afternoon.
    In the evening we form ' mobile clinic ' , where we carry medicines inside
    our backpack and go trekking in the mountains to reach the villages up there.

    the color of the eyes.

    while on ' mobile clinic ' , we can really see the extend of the damaged caused
    by the earthquake. all houses are badly damaged , and they have to
    stay in temporary shelter like this.
    imagine the coldness during the night in the Himalayan mountain range.

    walking on loose rubbles

    the smile of a patient that we all will remember.

    collecting wild berries while trekking in the forest

    landslide area

    wild orchid

    mountain bee hive

    treating patients along the way

    resting at a beautiful waterfall in the forest

    returned to our Base Camp late in the evening

    took a little time for myself stargazing before the clouds came

    Day 3 in Nepal
    GEC Nepal Medical Relief Mission
    Team 1
    4th to 11th May 2015

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