Nepal Earthquake 2015 | part V : the smile.

watch the video here :

at some point we were so tired , with the long journey ,
long treks and endless queues of patients
that came to our clinic , we almost gave up.

but then , there's this old lady.
we treated her the day before for her toothache.
the next day when we went trekking for mobile clinic to the villages
up in the mountains ,we met this lady again.

knowing that we will come to the village for mobile clinic ,
this lady walked alone in the mountains to meet us , showed the medicine
and just to say thank you for us with the sweetest smile that I have ever seen.

that smile , remained as our biggest motivation throughout the mission.
the smile and the appreciation that kept us going.

Day 3 in Nepal
GEC Nepal Medical Relief Mission
Team 1
4th to 11th May 2015

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