Nepal Earthquake 2015 | part VI : from Chanaute to Kartige

    cleaning a wound early in the morning at our base camp in Chanaute village
    in Sindhupalchok , Nepal

    their damaged classroom

    we covered 500 patients during our stay in Chanaute.
    after Chanaute , we leave further to another village in Kartige

    the kind villagers of Chanaute

    villagers waiting for a bus to go to Kartige.
    bus will pass through the village two times in a day ,
    a  morning bus to Kathmandu and afternoon bus to Kartige

    village kids accompanying me while waiting for a bus to Kartige.
    they offered me some biscuits and slices of apples upon knowing that
    i just had only instant noodles for lunch.

    i was assigned to transport all 15 duffle bags approx 25kg each by bus to Chanaute.
    other team members will go to Kartige by walking on mobile-clinic basis ,
    that is to treat any patients that they meet along the way.

    villagers kind enough to help me with the heavy bags.

    I thought my previous ride in the mountains in
    Khardung-La , Ladakh ( click here ) was the most hardcore ride i've ever been to ,
    but this bus ride from Chanaute and Kartige was beyond my imagination.
    the bus full of paasengers rides through unpaved mountain roads ,
    crossing waterfalls , landslides and steep cliffs.
    at times we have to stop for a while to remove big rocks that fell on the road
    from the cliffs so that the bus can continue the journey.

    reached Kartige after about 1 hour journey.
    Kartige is the last stop for any vehicle on this route ,
    as beyond Kartige the road was badly damaged by landslide , making it
    inaccessible to any mobile vehicle.
    that also means that relief supplies can't reach the villages beyond Kartige.

    alone in Kartige , while waiting for other team members to arrive.

    the extend of the damaged caused by the earthquake.
    seeing me alone , i was approached by a group of villagers.
    they used to work in Malaysia , but unluckily were not treated good in Malaysia.
    while talking to me , with a long stare and playing with their Gurkha knife in
    a threatening manner , they told me that they were hit by a group Tamil gangsters
    while in Malaysia. i was quite scared that time , but luckily there were
    other kind villagers , French Relief Team and Nepal army around ,
    so no harm was done to me.

    but most of Nepal people are very kind and friendly.
    this guy can talk in Malay language fluently as he used to work in a Teppanyaki
    restaurant in KLCC for few years.

    " itu Cina banyak pandai. Tamil orang suka banyak curi. Malayu banyak malas " .
    as told by him when i asked about his experience working in Malaysia.
    " mau datang kerja di Malaysia lagi ka? " , I asked.
    " macam mana mau pergi Malaysia lagi. itu bangunan buat passport ( immigration )
      sudah runtuh ( due to eathquake ) .
      lagi mcm mana mau buat passport? "  he replied.

    he became my companion while waiting for other team members to arrive.
   and when our team arrived , he helped me to gather villagers to help carry
   the duffle bags to our next camp site , Base Camp 2
   near a waterfall further along the road.

Day 4 in Nepal
GEC Nepal Medical Relief Mission
Team 1
4th to 11th May 2015

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