Nepal Earthquake 2015 | part VIII : home again

    a return journey back to Chanaute Village ( Base Camp 1 ) , the
    place we called home for the first few days in Nepal.
    initial plan was to return to Chanaute by bus , but unfortunately there was
    only one bus available that day , and it was already full with passengers.
    so we hitched a lorry to get back to Chanaute.
    * photos by Dr Megat : click here *

    happy to see us back , the kids of Chanaute Village greeted us with
    fresh wild raspberries that they handpicked in the mountains

    in the night we were invited to have dinner at Bishnu and Khika Timalsina's house.
    Bishnu and Khika were residents of Chanaute , and were our most helpful
    and loyal companion throughout the mission.

    Khika's son Yogesh

    probably the most delicious Dhal Bhat ever.
    what touched my heart most was that the fact these villagers were not having
    plenty of supplies to cope with the damage caused by the earthquake ,
    but were kind enough to invite us to share their meals with us.
    what is left for them.
    i hope they can rebuild their house quickly before monsoon
    and winter starts.

Day 6 in Nepal
GEC Nepal Medical Relief Mission
Team 1
4th to 11th May 2015

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