Nepal Earthquake 2015 | part IX : rockfall

    Dr Megat used to be a medical officer for Johor State's JDT football team

    final day of our mission.
    6 hours journey back to Kathmandu by bus

    Bishnu , Mr Ravi Everest and me

    Nepali cap as a token of appeciation for us

    it rained during the journey.
    suddenly we heard a loud sound while our bus was passing through
    a hillside.
    our bus was hit by a rockfall , but luckily everyone was safe.

    we covered our bags with the shelter canvas from the heavy rain.
    i have to climb up the roof of the bus once in a while to make sure
    the cover stays in place

    UN shelter base camp in Kathmandu

    damaged building in Kathmandu

    we reward ourselves with a good meal after all the hard work
    during the mission.
    I had Thukpa , a Tibetan dish , my favorite dish every time I visit
    the Himalayan Region . ( Ladakh : click here / Manali : click here )

Day 7 in Nepal
GEC Nepal Medical Relief Mission
Team 1
4th to 11th May 2015

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