Uttarakhand 2014 | Day 7 : Holy City

    Dosa ( tosai ) as breakfast at Dosa Plaza. not that tasty as it seems
    from the advertisement , but good enough.
    Haridwar is a holy city , so everything is vegetarian here.

    went to Pentagon Mall in the morning , around 20km from
    Haridwar Railway Station.
    there's Dominos , McD , Cafe Coffee Day , cinema and other restaurants there.
    It's the only place that we managed to get to eat chicken.

    the auto rickshaw in Haridwar is very big , it uses car steering wheel
    instead of the usual vespa handlebar

    manual rickshaw puller.
    in the evening we went to Har Ki Pouri.
    eventhough Har Ki Pouri is just 1.5km from our hotel / railway station ,
    we didn't walk there , but hired a rickshaw instead because we couldn't
    stand the heat.
    During my visit in June ( summer ) , daytime temperature can rise up to
    45'C , even the heat from the ground can be felt on our face when walking.

    tattoo service

    Har Ki Pouri is a famous Ghat on the banks of the Ganga / Ganges River.
    the place for the Kumbha Mela every 12 years.

    taking a dip at the banks of Ganga River

    Day 7 : Haridwar , Uttarakhand , India

  Kuari Pass Trek & Pangarchulla Peak 4550m 
  Indian Himalaya Trek
  31st May - 5th June 2014
  Uttarakhand , India

  instagram : #KuariPassTrek2014

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